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Ipsum Health.

Occupational Health Bristol & Cardiff.

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Occupational Health Services.

Flexible, Tailor-made Occupational Health Solutions for Rapid Resolution.

We provide absence management reports, return to work medicals, pre-placement assessments, fitness medicals, vaccinations and onsite health promotion.
As an occupational health provider, Ipsum Health is in a unique position; because we are private doctors as well as occupational health doctors, we can treat as well as advise.

How To Refer To Us

Absence Management.

Short-term & Long-term Sickness Absence Management.

Ipsum Health specialise in the prevention and management of short-term and long-term sickness, greatly reducing the consequential loss to a company caused by an employee's absence.
We can get your employees back to work quickly, productively and safely.

Absence Management

Health Surveillance.

Health surveillance can help identify those who are exposed to potential health risks whilst at work.

Lung function test (spirometry), hearing test (audiometry), HAVS surveillance, blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose measurement, blood cholesterol measurement (pin prick test), drug and alcohol testing (instant and lab), musculoskeletal survey, physical workplace assessment, workplace stress assessment, urine analysis (instant and lab), vision test (Snellen chart and colour blindness test).

Health Surveillance

Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS).

Those in employment that regular use hand-held or vibrating power tools requires a routine assessment to establish the risk on Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).
Our Occupational Health Doctors are qualified to carry out a tier 3 & 4 HAVS assessment.

HAVS Assessments

Pre-Placement Medicals.

Pre-Placement and employment medicals with examination, report and pathology.

Ipsum Health offers standardised and bespoke medical packages that are individually tailored to suit an employee or company's particular needs. We provide private medicals for those who have a form they need completed as part of an application process or those who simply want to have a general health check-up.

Pre-Placement Medicals
Visa Medicals Fitness Medicals

We are able to undertake medicals for those requiring a medical that proves fitness to work or take part in an activity.

Fittness Medicals
HGV Medicals Oil & Gas Medicals

We are qualified to perform Oil & Gas medicals, ensuring candidates have the required attributes for work on offshore installations.

Oil & Gas Medicals
Medico-Legal Visa Medicals

Visa Medicals for those emigrating, travelling and/or working abroad in China, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Cayman Islands.

Visa Medicals


We are able to tailor our assessments, reports and treatments to the specific requirements of your company.

Our Physiotherapists are highly experienced and many specialise in specific forms of treatments, which are not available from most physiotherapy clinics.


03456 252 252

Occupational Health & Private Healthcare Services Bristol & Cardiff

Please call the number above to book an appointment at any one of our clinics. Local rate on land lines & free to those with inclusive mobile phone minutes

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