Absence Management

Ipsum Health can get your employees back to work quickly, productively and safely.

The largest single area for loss control in any labour intensive industry is related to health. Sickness absence can be extremely costly for your business. This not only includes the direct financial loss, but also that of service provision, productivity and management time, in addition to the disruption it causes to colleagues and consistent customer relations.

Absence Management Reports

Ipsum Health provide absence management reports for companies who have employees on short and long-term sickness. Our experienced occupational health doctors can assess your employees health status and working environment in order to assess the expected return to work time frame. We can also suggest adjustments that may need to be made to facilitate a return to work and, if necessary, we can refer to a specialist or provide the treatment that will expedite the recovery period.

For long term absence we offer:

Assessment & Report - We provide a written evaluation of the employees' capability to perform the job.
Return-to-Work - We provide advice and facilitate support towards a likely return to work date.
NHS Liaison - With consent, we can liaise with the employee's NHS doctor and/or obtain the employee's NHS records.
Fast-Track Referrals - In most instances we are able fast-track specialist and/or consultant referrals.
General Medical Information - We can provide information about certain illnesses with proposed rehabilitation plans.

Employees also benefit by having fast and ongoing access to medical advice, consistent treatment of all absence and higher morale, which leads to increased retention.

Immediate Absence Management Solutions

Ipsum health work with a number of businesses who require instant feedback on staff absence, and so, we have a developed a solution whereby staff report the reason for their absence to the company's HR department or employers and then immediately to us. An advisor is then able to liaise directly with the employee on the day of their absence, offering health advice to ensure a quick and suitable return to work schedule. We are then able to report directly back to the employer with an indication of the length of absence and the likely short and long-term impact.

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