Covid-19 Testing For Business

Covid-19 testing has rapidly become an essential part of managing your business through the current Pandemic.

Ipsum Health are working in collaboration with Infectious Disease Consultant, Dr Sharon Marlowe to oversee and advise on all our testing and protocols to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

Importance of Covid-19 Testing

Identifying individuals who are experiencing an active infection or who may have antibodies from a previous infection, will allow you to manage clusters of infections with a minimal amount of disruption to your business.

Testing can be tailored to suit the needs of your company, including:

Testing Strategy Advice
Return-To-Work Home Testing
Ongoing Testing (Self-Administered or in Clinic)
On-Site Testing Undertaken by Experienced Nurses at Your Premises
In Clinic Testing

Testing in the workplace will enable your business to:

Safeguard staff from exposure to Covid-19
Minimise disruption to business
Minimise absenteeism due to self-isolation
Identify staff at risk due to exposure to infected individuals

What tests can Ipsum Health provide?

PCR Swab testing for active infection with 99% sensitivity and specificity
Antibody tests with 99% accuracy
Home testing kits
On-site and in clinic testing
Results shared with the patient via secure patient portal
Results provided to company

Why should I choose Ipsum Health?

Ipsum Health is a trading name of The Independent General Practice (IGP), the first HIW registered Private GP Service in Wales. After significant growth and success Ipsum Health was started as The IGP's dedicated Corporate division.

Working in collaboration with Dr Sharon Marlowe all our testing and services have oversight from a renowned Infectious Disease Consultant. As such we ensure through regular review that our tests and protocols are always of the highest standards currently available and compliant with all necessary regulation and guidance.

We currently only recommend using lab-based tests due to the increased accuracy and quality controls. We are investigating instant testing options and may offer alternative testing in the future when the quality of these tests improve - Pease contact us for more information.

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