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D4 HGV/LGV/PCV Driver Medicals

* Please be aware that recent changes to the form require that you have your eyes tested and the first part of the form completed by an optometrist/optician if you wear glasses for driving. Please arrange this prior to making an appointment with us.

When first applying for a LGV/HGV/PCV licence, applicants are required by law to complete a DVLA D4 form by attending a Medical Examination with a qualified registered GP.

Once you have passed this medical, this entitlement to drive a LGV/HGV, minibus or bus will last until a driver's 45th birthday. After this time a driver will need to renew their entitlement every five years until they are 65; after that drivers are required to renew their licence every year.?

A Medical Examination Report (D4) can be completed by our Private Doctors if you are intending to apply for or renew your drivers licence for any of the following:

A vehicle between 3.5 & 7.5 tonne or LGV (C, C1+E, or C+E) A bus (PCV) over 8 passenger seats (D1, D1+E, D or D+E).

The DVLA recomends that your completed D4 medical should be sent within 4 months of your medical. However, we can deliver this for you on the day of your appointment.

The D4 Medical Form

This is a copy of the actual D4 form needed for your medical. A hard copy can be obtained directly from the DVLA or from your local Post Office prior to your appointment.

D4 Form

The INF4D Information Leaflet

The INF4D leaflet provides information relating to your D4 medical examination. It contains advice for what is involved in the examination and should be read prior to your appointment to ensure that the D4 medical is appropriate and that you meet its requirements.

INF4D Leaflet

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