Fitness Medicals

Fitness to work medicals are designed to assess the medical suitability of an employee.

There are a wide variety of tasks which can be potentially dangerous for employees, colleagues or the public. Employment Medicals are used to identify potential problems and reduce the risk of medical conditions having an effect on an employees ability to perform tasks safely.

Fitness To Work Medicals

Ipsum health are able to complete a full physical examination and pathology as indicated. However, as each company has individual requirements, we advise that you contact us directly for us to evaluate the costs and time frame for completing the medical.

If you have employees operating dangerous equipment or working in high risk environments, we can design a specific medical screening programme. Full medicals can include all or some parts of the following depending on the demands of the job and working conditions.

Fitness medicals we offer:

Fitness medicals can also be for individuals who have a activity they want to undertake that requires a certain level of physical fitness. This may include track racing, marathon running or high endurance sports.

Please contact us if you have a specific medical form that you want completed and we can give you an accurate picture of the cost involved, including pathology tests and screens.

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