Health Surveillance

A system of health checks for workers or employees may be necessary if they are exposed to certain working conditions.

If these health checks have a requirement to be carried out routinely, they may form part of a health surveillance program carried out by an occupational health provider.

Health Surveillance

If there is a potential risk to employees, employers are asked to identify the need for health surveillance by conducting a risk assessment. If the risk assessment summary results in potential risk that cannot be avoided or have a likelihood to cause short or long-term harm, employers will need organise appropriate health surveillance, which can:

Recommend preventative measures
Help evaluate potential health risks
Detecting ill-health effects at an early stage

Our health surveillance services can help those who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health.

Our testing and screening includes:

Lung function test (spirometry)
Hearing test (audiometry)
HAVS surveillance
Blood pressure monitoring
Blood glucose measurement
Blood cholesterol measurement (pin prick test)
Drug and alcohol testing (instant and lab)
Musculoskeletal survey
Physical Workplace assessment
Workplace stress assessment
Urine analysis (instant and lab)

Testing For Drugs Of Abuse

Ipsum Health provides a comprehensive drugs of abuse testing service. From instant tests that can be completed with results and cerification in just a few minutes, to chain of custody tests that follow a strict protocol to confirm individual sample validity.

Common Drugs of Abuse Tested:


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