What is Occupational Health?

All organisations have a legal duty towards employees, which can be seen as a hindrance to an organisations development.

However, occupational health not only ensures the health & wellbeing of an organisation's employees it also benefits the business in that it keeps employees active, happy and productive.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health is traditionally a service provided by healthcare professionals to assess and treat employees who:

Have been unable to attend work because of an illness
Have been restricted in their duties because of an illness
Have been or are likely to be affected by the work environment

Occupational Health can also include health promotion, risk assessment as well as addressing a range of lifestyle issues such as fitness, stress management, nutrition and dependency.

Occupational Health is not a legal requirement but should be seen as a necessity to any developing business, ensuring:

Future employees are able to undertake a position in the company
Current employees are able to return to work as soon as possible

About Ipsum Health

We specialise in the provision of bespoke on and off-site occupational health surveillance and medical screening services to both private and public bodies. We offer an effective and efficient service with health surveillance, screening, sickness absence management and health promotion.

We Can Treat & Advise

Ipsum Health is the Occupational Health division of The Independent General Practice (IGP) and is Wales' only full-time private GP and occupational health practice. Occupational health provided by Ipsum Health differs from traditional occupational health services in one extremely important way; because we are private GP's as well as occupational health advisors, we can with the consent of both employer and employee, treat as well as advise.

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