Oil & Gas Medical Assessments (OGUK)

Those who work in the Oil & Gas industry may need to provide a medical assessment to prove their fitness to work in that particular environment. Our occupational health practitioners are qualified to carry out Oil & Gas medicals and are able to provide all the necessary tests and screens.

Our qualified registered doctors are required to:

Have knowledge of the offshore environment and remote medicine
Demonstrate knowledge of, or possess a qualification in, occupational medicine
Have access to appropriate examination facilities
Undertake an Oil & Gas UK one-day training programme in offshore medical assessment ? it is expected attendees will have sufficient understanding of and ability in spoken English to participate in the training without an interpreter
Understand the principles of the risk-based approach embodied in these guidelines

How long is the O&G Medical valid for?

An offshore medical certificate is usually valid for two years.

What is included as part of the O&G Medical?

The Oil & Gas Medical requires an assessment by a registered doctor and includes:

Consultation with a registered Oil & Gas Doctor
Completion of Questionnaire
Body Mass Index
Near Distance and Colour Vision
Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement
Lung Function Test (peak flow)
Audiogram (hearing test)

Additional services are also available on request.

How long do the medicals take?

The medical should take between 40 minutes and an hour depending on the requirements.

When will the report be complete?

The medical report should be available on the day of the medical, assuming that no additional pathology is requested and no additional information is required. We can prepare this document to be taken with you on the day of the medical and we can also send a copy to an additional employer.

What Types of Oil and Gas Medical do Ipsum Health Provide?

We provide the standard OGUK Offshore Medical, but we also provide:

OGUK Medical with Fitness for EBS
OGUK Medical with Food Handlers Questionnaire
EBS Fitness to Train Medical
RUK Wind Turbine Medical

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