an effective physiotherapy service ensures employees follow the most appropriate course of action / treatment to minimise time off work.

Our physiotherapists are able to assess and treat any new or pre-existing conditions that an employee may have. This will enable your employee to make a speedy recovery and allow them to make adjustments that will reduce the risk of injury in future.

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Having access to physiotherapy advice and treatment can benefit your company in a number of different ways.

Our physiotherapists are qualified to assess the working environment and suggest when an employee is fit to return to their specific job or identify a short term / light duty alternative. This will ensure that the employee returns to work as soon as possible rather than waiting until they are 100% recovered, which is most often unnecessary. Our physiotherapists also work proactively with employers to identify risk factors, make appropriate changes and therefore reduce the risk of sickness / injury.

Some employees may be anxious about whether they are ready to return to work or whether they are risking further injury. This group of employees would also benefit from the professional reassurance of our physiotherapists which would make their return to work far less stressful and therefore more successful.

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