Pre-Placement Medicals

Adding to your workforce should be a pain free and exciting prospect for any company.

However, the possibility of future absence due to underlying illness or anti-discrimination legislation can increase the risk of your business paying for any prospective employees who are potentially unable to work in your company. This is where we can help.

Pre-Placement Medicals

We will analyse your job demands and working environment in order to develop clear medical criteria necessary for your company. We can then devise a pre-employment questionnaire, driven by your own circumstances & requirements, which will be completed by prospective employees to ensure they are suitable for your particular work environment.

This can also help avoid litigation against your company for discrimination against job applicants who do not fit your requirements for a particular role.*

In addition we can also offer a more comprehensive medical examination where any pre-existing health condition can be documented and used to identify any illnesses, both physical and psychological, which may affect the prospective employees' ability to do the job now or in the future. Also, by screening health and fitness prior to employment, employers are able to identify potential health problems which could assist in countering any would be ill health claims subsequently made by the employee.

*Under the Equality Act 2010, there is a legal requirement to ensure that an employer does not put any prospective or existing employee's health at risk. Therefore a sensible precaution would be for all prospective employees to have a pre-employment medical assessment prior to starting work.

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