Safety Critical Medicals

Safety Critical Medicals evaluate a person's medical suitability for a certain task or role.

If you have employees operating dangerous equipment or working in high risk environments, we can either complete the standard medical template provided, your own medical template or even help you to create a specific medical screening programme based on the requirements of the job.

What are Safety Critical Medicals

It is vital for employees to be fit for work in whatever job they do. Safety Critical Medicals are in-depth medicals designed to ensure anyone who may be undertaking safety-critical tasks is fit to do so. They identify any risk or likelihood of an employee developing a health problem whilst undertaking their work. They also ensure you, the company, are protecting the health of your employees by early detection of adverse changes or disease.

The medical criteria for a medical will vary based on role and occupation. However, our medicals can include the following:

Medical Record Assessment
Physical Assessment - Blood pressure & pulse
Pathology - Urinalysis, Blood and stool testing
Vision screening
ECG & Echocardiograms
Stress Testing
Mental Health evaluation

Types of Safety Critical Medicals

As standard, we can provide Fitness/Safety Critical Medicals for the following jobs, roles or activities:

Working at Heights
Night Work Medicals
Working in Confined Spaces
Lone Working Medicals

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